Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Her Brother's Autism" by Karen Olsson

It is a daily struggle balancing out our responsibility and the interdependence our children have on others when they are not in our care. Karen Olsson's article "Her Austic Brother" featured in today's NYTimes Magazine brought a clarity to the role parent's play in their child's life and the associated experiences, both negative and positive, without sacrificing the integrity of the family and the ongoing challenges they face sixty seconds of every minute of every hour, every day, in the case of children within the spectrum of autism. Her article was more than a "case study." It was badly needed breath of life for a society in need of reconnecting to their own humanity.I hope everyone will take the time this week to visit the library to read this article about a family experience with two members diagnosed with Autism. This is journalism at its finest moment.

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mcewen said...

thanks for the link, I'll make the time to go over and read that later in the day.
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