Saturday, September 5, 2015

Theater of No

As a person who advocated that my child is not the disability label she wears, I find it frustrating that before she can be fully integrated into community life according to ADA I must show proof she is disabled. I must show proof that she is incapable of doing things that other adults who are also disabled but are capable of doing.  

I have stacks of medical documents stating what her condition is and no one wants to bother learning about her disability. People make assumptions about her and about me so I am forced to have these ridiculous conversations:

No, I'm not holding her back, I'm just giving you the facts here about what her basic level of functioning is right now.    

No, college or working at a grocery or department store is not an option here, sorry.  

No. She can't hold a job unless there is someone there by her side speaking for her and moving her body to do the basic functions for the most menial job. 

No, her responses are about 50% accurate.  

No, she cannot use the bathroom or change her diaper independently. 

No, it will not benefit her to sit and watch a video about employee policy and procedures. 

No. She cannot afford to pay for an aide if she is hired for this minimum wage job.

No, she can't wait by herself at a bus stop, and no, I can't drop her off at bus stop and expect that she'll know which bus she should get on. 

No, her mother is not available to accompany her to a job, bus stop, or where ever. 

No, she can't live independently as an adult without first someone getting her out of bed, feeding her, dressing her, etc. 

No, sitting at home all day is not community integration.

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