Friday, August 21, 2015

Report on Community Solutions

Report on Community Solutions in Ohio

Ohioans with disabilities rely heavily on institutional care and sheltered workshops to live in quality, purpose, and dignity. While there are many families who need specialized services, work shops, and medical care 24/7,  there are  group of people who see it as  isolating  and restrictive.

With so many lawmakers and politicians making decisions, it's important to read reports like this one to help educate voters why we still need specialized services because our State of Ohio is in such turmoil over the interpretation of the Olmsted Act.  Just remember, whatever cuts are made at the state level will impact what happens locally. This happened in 2000 when Gov. Taft closed most of the MR/dd daycares/schools claiming it duplicated what school districts offered.

While the system undergoes major changes in how our families are served in the coming years, please pay attention to the groups, politicians, and lawmakers appearing to advocate on behalf of our children and adults.

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