Monday, January 19, 2015

Ohio Families fight community-care plan

  In  Families fight community-care plan, we learn about how Ohio  is responding to CMS guidelines alleging that current services  are  "segregating" individuals from their community.

Considering our history segregating millions of people of color from economic mobility in their communities using inhumane and discriminating practices,  I think it's a very inappropriate use of the word. What our families and friends need is A DESTINATION that is safe,  dignified, and state-certified   SO THEY CAN be included in their community.

Ironically, we are forcing a population of severely disabled adults back into their  homes which segregates them from their community.  Many people with disabilities -- the ones who are going without resources, services, and waivers so they can participate in their community -- are already segregated from their community because all the state and locally certified workshops lost their funding.

I'm speaking about the people who cannot deliver commencement speeches on their communication devices and self-propel their wheelchairs  into college or the workplace.  The people who really need a safe place to go -- a place that was funded by both federal and state government.   Once again the federal and state government are relying on local governments to deal with the compliance issues they created so they can cut more taxes at the state and federal level.  If you live in a community where levies haven't increased in 11 years, it's called passing the buck.

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