Friday, March 18, 2011

Volcanic Wheels For Wheelchairs

Just a quick update here for families and friends looking for gift ideas. The volcanic wheels for front wheels draws a lot of attention to Elisabeth. We have a set each on the Metro and her Titelite wheelchair. It also draws in conversations to her directly. People generally ask, "Hey, that's so cool, where did you get those?" We paid around $20.00 for each wheel and $6.00 for shipping. A trip to the hardware store will get you the spacers otherwise the bearing slip out and the magnetic core that triggers the lights to flash will crack & crumble which is what happened to us while on vacation just a short time ago. Fortunately the hotel maintenance crew in Miami were very friendly and found us washers that fit perfectly. The Volcanic Wheels sent us one new magnetic bearing for the one wheel that could not be salvaged.

The grande wheel will fit the front wheel of most wheelchairs. Here's contact info:
DRI Products, Inc. For Orders in US : 1 - 8 - ONLY WHEEL (1-866-599-4335)
1160 N. Central Ave #A209Glendale, CA 91202 USA

General: info@volcanicwheel.comSales: sales@volcanicwheel.comCustomer Service:

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