Monday, February 9, 2009

Hurricane Katrina Long Term Recovery Research

Researchers at the Center for Disability and Development at Texas A&M
University are conducting a study on the long-term recovery survivors from
Hurricane Katrina who have diabetes or a disability. If selected,
individuals will participate in either an interview, telephone survey, or a
focus group and be eligible for up to $50.00 in compensation. Interested
individuals or their guardians (if applicable) should contact the Texas A&M
project using their toll free number at 1-866-578-4366. All calls will be
confidential and consent procedures will be carefully followed with all
potential participants.

We are conducting a study on the long term recovery of survivors from
Hurricane Katrina. We would like to ask your assistance in disseminating our
project information below to groups and individuals who might be interested
in participating. A flyer is also attached in the case you would like to
post this information.

Please contact Christy Knight, Data Coordinator, at
Texas A&M University at if you have further questions
or suggestions for other groups who we might be interested in disseminating
information about this study.


Principal Investigator: Laura M. Stough, PhD
Department of Educational Psychology

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