Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rhetorical Question

Elisabeth's birthday is coming up. It's so hard finding presents that are suitable for her. We've made a lot of our stuff over the years, but she's going on 14 and it's not that easy anymore.

EVERYTHING so expensive for our kids. And the toys that we think might be developmentally appropriate are not age appropriate.

A fiber optics plastic tubing kit is over $4000.00. Does anyone know how cool this toy is for our kids? Fiber optics in our kid's hands give them at least an hour of total pleasure. And it's therapeutic, too; helping them develop fine motor abilities, cause and effect, etc. Also with this group of toys was listed a wonderful light and sound board that kids can manipulate by touch and it's about $7,000.

Hello??? Is anyone listening here?

My guess is that if one of those cheap hand held virtual pets were specially adapted for our children, it would cost around $4000.00 for them instead of what it costs for typical developing kids. Just a guess.

It's not just because everything is expensive. It's been that way since she was born. Listed in several special toy/equipment catalogs are the following:

A bubble making machine is listed as $85.00 ... fortunately Elisabeth's auntie found one for $5.oo at Target.

Disco light ball is listed as $75.00. I found one at Walgreens for $3.99 on sale.

Hand-held sensory stimulation vibrating toys are listed over $100.00. Again, in Walgreens I found one for $3.99 or 2/5.00.

A simple seat pad that connects to her gait trainer is over $500.00 ... a trip to JoAnn Fabrics and we're rigging one up for under $30.00

Weight cuffs and ankles $18.00 each???

Floor Bowling Alley for $500? (This include the same plastic pins you can get at ToysRus for under $10.00. So what is it that costs $490.00? A plastic ball with three holes that my kid can't use?)

Platform and seat swings over $2,000 dollars????

Adapted bicycles over $2,000?

I've gotten a few of the switch toys over the years: Climbing fireman that is now broken, crowing rooster, roller coaster penguins, moving school bus, giraffe with moving neck, dog that flips but most of them are worn out or broken. She has the switch operated pottery wheel but that never worked right.

Her most favorite things are the chain drapery with mirror, fish tank, tomi ball, flexi ball, spongie ball, spikey ball ... hmmmmm ... koosh ball ... she has all the bubble tubes that light up when she hits the switch but she doesn't show any interest in that stuff anymore.

She has a collection of stuff that she made at school: tornado in a bottle, squishy things to touch, textured board, lava lamps, fiber optics fountains ... hmmmmmmm.

She loves ribbons, fabrics, and anything she can put into her mouth but we're trying to get her out of that oral motor stage using her hands for other stuff instead of CONSTANTLY stroking her tongue.

We're out of ideas.

Got any?

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