Thursday, October 4, 2007

HC/dd or MR/dd Schools in Hamilton Country are Still Open

Many parents are writing asking about the HC/dd formally known as MR/dd operated Bobbie B. Fairfax (513) 271-2313) and Margaret Rost (574-2372) schools serving children with disabilities in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Apparently, these special education-integrated therapy schools are no longer listed on HC/dd resource site. What is there instead is "children services intake."

Parents can access these schools through their school district representative through "continuum of alternative services" if parents and advocates can prove that the district school cannot meet the needs of a child with disabilities.

Please make sure that the IEP is specific to the child's needs including the "environment" in which the IEP's are conducted. If the environment is nothing more than a hallway or crowded classroom with children with varying learning disorders, disabilities, and delays, then parents can ask for HC/dd school where the schools are designed specifically to meet our children's needs. A school where our children are included throughout the course of the day and not rolled in and our of a classroom at whim. A place where a child's special education is clearly integrated through ongoing therapeutic-guided experiences.

If you are not satisfied with what your son or daughter is receiving at his or her district school, please contact me at I can help you.

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