Friday, August 3, 2007

Terry Gross's Interview with Pegi Young ...

About 15 minutes into the interview, she discusses the Bridge School and some of the methodologies, ATs, and her experiences when her son transistioned into high school from the Bridge School.

The device she refers to in the interview was showcased at the Assistive Technologies meeting recently and if everything goes as planned in Ohio these devices will be available at many of the district schools. As Kristin discussed in this meeting, it is the responsibility of the school to provide these devices.

Elisabeth currently uses a talk tech with pictures and voice recording. We received one through the help of the local Elk's Lodge. The Elk's are working on making a donation to CHMC resources & library because the waiting list to train on one took a while. I think right now they only own one.

Let me hear from you about other communication devices that have helped your son or daughter develop in their area of need. And don't forgot about our friend Buckeye Bill up in Columbus....

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