Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pegi Young's Lullaby ...

I just listened to Pegi Young's album, you know that woman who started the Bridge School in the Bay Area?

Her songs remind me of those quiet-hush lullabies for mothers and fathers who need to be assured that everything is going to work out okay for our children. You know? When we're whirling around in that void and nobody is talking or giving you information or any idea about what to expect when you hear the news that your child is not going to follow a typical developmental pattern.

Pegi has always been the inspiration for so many of us who need to keep moving when we feel like we're stuck or when we feel like nobody is listening and wonder how we're going to get through one more day.

And this Bridge School she started has become more than a school I think. For those of us unable to take advantage of the school itself, the "bridge" she created serves as a reminder about the responsibility we have to all our children in fulfilling their specific needs and the power we have to change the things so they can be included.

It's like she has bridged a value into a society known for not valuing children who develop differently than their biological peers.

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