Thursday, March 15, 2007

Assistive Technology

It was a pretty good meeting. Most parents in attendance were not aware that Assistive Technologies are the responsibility of the school and should be identified before the IEP is written. What was pretty clear after this meeting is that most parents are still clueless about what schools are responsible for when planning individualized special education opportunities for their child.

If it is a medical condition that prevents your son or daughter from participating in the classroom, then the school MUST provide assistive technologies so your child can fully partipate in the classroom and not be dumped in special education room where they get babysitting services.

There is a real abuse going on in writing IEPs/504s and parents have to stay alert if they want their child to have the specialized individualized education to which they are entitled by law.

Contact Sue Schindler at 821-2113 at Hamilton Co. Arc if you have any questions about getting the information from this meeting. One mother in attendance was telling us that her son is being denied a Velcro ASL from her district school. This school is in violation of this child's civil rights.

If you have specific questions about your 'child's legal rights, contact the Office for Civil Rights, UDE, 600 Superior Avenue East, Suite 750, Cleveland, OH 44114. Telephone 216-522-4970.

Also contact if you need any of the information from this meeting. Please put in the subject box: Drake Conference AT Meeting otherwise she will not repond.

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