Wednesday, June 7, 2006

MR/dd School Closing Residuals

The reality of MR/dd school closings around Ohio has sadly resulted in an over-population of kids with special needs who are being warehoused in their district school. Just heard from licensed board-certified special ed. teacher about the problems she is having in her classroom with the new ODE regulations. She says its a mess and the "warehouse" I've been writing about is reality she deals with every day.

Another therapist I met with over the weekend informs me that Cincinnati Public schools aren't even close to meeting the needs of the individual students and she urges every parent in Cincinnati with a child with special needs to rethink their child's IEP based on their child's ability and not what the school offers.

Remember, we still have two MR/dd therapy schools open and if you can't get in, you need to call the county commissioners because they are the ones who vote to put the levees on the ballot... they need to know you were shut out. They'll tell you this is not their job, but you need to remind about the tax levy ballot process and how you would like to be contacted the next time a levy goes on the ballot.

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