Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mother Of All Inventions (Adapting Wheelchairs & Bicycle Trailers)

After 21 years, Elisabeth outgrew her bicycle trailer. It was the trailer that she and her little sister shared on so many fun bike trips.  Now that her little sister is in college,  my husband and I are finding we have a lot more time to hit the bike trails instead of band competitions and other high school events.

Elisabeth is smaller in size and lighter in weight than most adults her age so we continued using the trailer until this year. We noticed she was not comfortable balled up with knees at 50 degrees.  Her PT recommends 90 degree knee  placement on seat.

So we found a webpage that gave us a rough idea how to adapt our old bike trailer w/tow bar and an old wheelchair that still works for her.  The results are what you see in the video clip below.  I included an old picture of Elisabeth and her little sister in the bike trailer when they were very young.

Here is the video of the almost finished project.

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