Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Cradle Will Fall - Transitions Online

This story is heartbreaking to read. 

We need to give our parents real tools so they can be the parents they were meant to be regardless how a baby comes into the world. We need to continue educating our legislators and representatives that a humane society is what we should all be working towards. We need to create a society that truly values all aspects and responsibilities of parenthood. With in the increasing numbers in children testing for ASD and other issues that impede or delay their development, we need to increase funding as well.

We need to tell our stories to the legislators, governors, and local representatives who do not see that the growth in disabilities and delays go hand in hand with a growth in funding.  We need to write directly to them, telling the stories about our children who are advocating for self determination and the stories about advocating for children who cannot self-determine their life.

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