Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Root, Root, Root For The Home Team?"

One of the ball games we attended this year will always stand out among the others. It's the game where our team came from behind and won the game. They were so far behind, most of the fans were leaving half way through the 6th inning. A stadium filled to capacity at the beginning had more seats empty than filled half way through the game.

While we were watching the game in our little loft over in the nosebleed area, a family came over to say hello. Our daughters played soccer together. After we exchanged the usual "how's she doing, where's she going" in reference to our daughters, they came over to Elisabeth and said, "Hey, I see you and your sister like sparkly stuff on your clothes. I didn't know you two were the sparkly type, do you remember my daughter, Claire?" they asked waiting for her to respond. "She loved sparkely clothes."

Happy with the response offered by Elisabeth and her sister, they proceeded with "do you think your Mom and Dad would let us take you and your little sister over to get an ice cream?"

Again, happy with the response which they assumed to be a "yes," they double checked with my husband and I. Then, speaking directly to Elisabeth, they added "we noticed that you liked to take a short break from sitting when your big sister played soccer with Claire, would you like to walk with us or would you prefer to use your wheelchair?"

After waiting for a response, I got up to help Elisabeth out of her chair. While handing her over to them I suggested that they take the chair because after a few minutes, she would need it again. I showed them how to walk her from behind. She giggled. "Don't worry, you'll know when she's ready to stop" I said assuringly.

Just as they had control of Elisabeth gait, my youngest daughter leaned over and asked them "can I ride in Elisabeth's chair?"

Why not?

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