Saturday, August 12, 2006


I just glanced through the new IDEA regulations reinterpreted and there are 330 pages to it. That's right, 330 pages. Basically, it will take you a few days to sort through it or you're going to have to hire a lawyer to interpret it or rely on what your school district says.

Just remember, the law hasn't changed. Everyone is still entitled to IEP's and alternative placements. I would suggest that everyone with a child currently protected by this law to take to your next IEP meeting or assessment at least one catalog of adaptive equipment to identify any curricula tools or adaptive equipment that will help your child be included in the classroom and to fulfill their IEP. Also bring along at least one advocate for each of your child's impairment and make sure you have a specialist or physician's statement to help describe the areas of deficiency and strengths if your child is not ready for an inclusive environment or if you are not satisfied with your school's "least restrictive environment" or if there are other services offered in your community that best match your child's needs not currently offered by the school.

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